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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dell on Outdoors Hospitality & Visitors

It's always nice when someone drops by unexpectedly at the lake. Just a couple guys, friends of Ron, checking to make sure they were heading in the right direction. Ron thought he was tucked out of the way of visitors behind the white pines and the bluffs; yet, even in the wilderness, the outdoorsmen type will drop by for a visit if he's in the general vicinity and generally you're happy to have the company.
These two fellows asked if I'd heard of any break-ins recently on this lake. I guess some folks who aren't in residence at camps on the bigger lakes have taken some tough losses when their backs were turned. What are you going to do? You can't keep a camp under guard 24/7, right? And camp insurance always costs a fortune or isn't even available if you don't meet stringent fire prevention standards. I can hear Shelley saying, "Grampa, you digress."
It actually turned out to be a serendipitous meeting, these two fellows showing up when they did. I was headed down to the dock to rinse my socks out after a hand washing, forgetting Shelley had lifted the indoor/outdoor carpet to give it a complete drying in the sun. Where the rug had been, the dock was all slippery. These two fellows saw me slip and catch myself and insisted on replacing the missing carpet before they headed out so I would have a sure footing. The outdoorsman is just naturally safety conscious to the point of watching out for whoever they meet along life's path. It's been a lovely weekend so far, despite my high blood pressure acting up. The prescription for my gout seems to be working just fine. I shudder to think of how crippled up I'd have been without it: especially, if I'd slipped on the dock with no one there to notice. Shelley would have had my hide!
What she doesn't know won't worry her, right? A good lie of omission: Is there such a thing?

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