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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dell on PM Harper: An Abuser Behind A Churchy Face

There was a time when I voted Conservative. I trusted when the Reform Party, made accountability a big part of their platform. I trusted both before and after they joined the Conservative government. I naively believed that the goodness of a person from a Christian background was an indication of moral stature.

Canadians have been horrified at the sexual abuse that went on because a few clergy put on a "churchy face" only to seek victims for their personal gratification.

What I believe now is that PM Harper and his friends put on their "churchy" faces, promised to do the morally correct thing, and then sc**wed those they claimed to serve.
If it sounds a lot like the clergy abusing boys scenario, keep in mind there is a difference:
Harper & Co. find their gratification in money, and not sex.
The Christian community were shaken by the sex abuse revelations. I am hoping they will be similarly reviled following Richard Fadden's whistleblowing. Harper's government have brought further shame to all  Christians and their churches.
There will always be some who will use another's goodness as an occasion to serve their own ends. What bothers me, this Canada Day, is that PM Harper and his government doubted anyone would speak out. Their arrogance and self-interest was proceeding unimpeded.
Until Richard Fadden spoke up to save the victim from further abuse. Will Canadians support and protect Richard Fadden?
I believe they will. And that, is a terrific reason to start celebrating Canada Day.

Dell on What Richard Fadden Said & What It Means To Canadians

On June 23rd and 24th, I posted, following the CBC interview of  Richard Fadden, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, (CSIS). I believed then that Fadden's timing was no accident.

Having since read Alison Crawford's Blog at CBC Inside Politics CBC Whistleblowers Act : Disclosure Not Enforceable, I see exactly what Richard Fadden was saying.

Harper has put this country's wealth and resources at risk to the tune of billions of dollars and allowed foreign infiltration, secondary to his government and cronies getting rich.The closure of  loop-holes that would prevent the rape of the nation are secondary to Harper's government's self-interest.

Instead of addressing those loop-holes, as one would expect Harper to have done, given Harper's promise on the transparency of PSPDA, Harper instead chose to do nothing.

There is no accountabilty! The Whistleblowers Act is flawed. There is no way to enforce disclosure. There are loop-holes all over and this government won't shut them because they are getting rich on not doing so.

That 1 billion dollar security threat for the G20:  another opportunity to spend without accountability. Get tough on crime? Sure.Who cares if you break the taxpayers back building those jails. He'll tell you where to put your tax dollar after he comes up with a policy aimed to drain your pocketbook.

Couple the unenforceable Whistleblowers Act and loop-holes all over the place, with Fadden's revelations, and this is what it means:

Harper's government have used these flaws as a means to get rich because there is no accountability. Harper has knowingly permitted foreign influence in Canada and failed to acknowledge and deal with the billions of dollars lost to stolen Canadian trade and technology secrets. Why? Because it would mean the end of the gravy train.
"Secret, unethical political donations and government lobbying are legal across Canada, as are blatant conflicts of interest, and no enforcement agency conducts audits to ensure compliance with the weak ethics rules that do exist, making it easy for anyone, including foreign governments, to corrupt any politician or government official in any government in the country," from Duff Conacher, Coordinator of Democracy Watch.I strongly recommend you read the entire release: Democracy Watch: June 23rd release 2010

The thing about this particular whistleblower, Richard Fadden, is his long and faithful service: He's credible. We, as Canadian citizens, need to understand what it is he said and means and then "get mad as hell" and say we're "not going to take it anymore."

The Harper government have put their self-interest ahead of Canadians interests. They should be tossed out promptly, the loop-holes closed and the nonsense of Harper's tough on crime policy exposed for what it is. His friends get rich getting tough on crime: it's a chance to build jails we don't need so his friends will make money. He would create misery getting tough to make a buck. Harper has robbed Canadians over and over and over, failing to close the loop-holes, demonstrating an utter contempt for those he is supposed to serve. It's time to get tough on crime, PM Harper. Let's start with what you have done on the backs of Canadians.
And, on this Canada Day, let me be among the first to say to Richard Fadden, "Thank you."