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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dell on McGuinty, The Boys Club & Sacrificial Lambs

Premier Dalton McGuinty, " I don't believe you."
When you tell the Canadian press:
"Some confusion arose, and in hindsight I think that we could have, and probably should have, done something to make it perfectly clear to people," or that your government could have "done a better job" of informing people about the temporary, powers-granting regulations you were part of orchestrating.
Using the Ontario Public Works Protection Act, you were in on this from the beginning and made not a single clarification following that secretly changed legislation, back on June 2, 2010: notably, not even as Canadian citizens' rights were violated hundreds of times over during the Summits.
This change to Ontario law, done in secrecy, to perpetrate a lie of the supposed granting of "powers of arrest" was done, the public were told, at the behest of Toronto Chief of Police Blair, who similarly did nothing to clarify the "confusion" until after the Summit, and then, when asked if there had in fact been law permitting the unlawful searches and arrests, smiled and said, "No, but I was trying to keep the criminals out."
Blair's smug smile and clear disdain for acting within the law said it all, Premier McGuinty: this was a planned and co-ordinated effort to circumvent the law.
Sgt. Burrows in charge of G8 and G20 security needs to be relieved from his position immediately. If he simply believed he had new, sweeping powers of arrest and did not ask to see a written copy of that same new law, he's incompetent. If, having seen the written copy of the actual law, he went ahead with illegal search, seizures and arrests, Sgt.Burrows broke the law and should be fired. It's a lose/lose situation.
Ontario's solicitor general, Liberal MPP, Minister of Public Safety and Correction, Rick Bartolucci, knew as well.[see my earlier posts].

Toronto Police Chief Blair's smug admission of complicity was the undoing of all of you. The boys club attitude that says we're just going to do this it this way and later say it was a matter of "confusion" and misunderstanding, isn't going to wash this time.
Do you think the public haven't guessed that since your solicitor general, Rick Burrows, knew all about this, that your next move will be have the Crown Attorney drop the false charges in order to prevent a court challenge that would surely expose what you and your boys club have been up to?

No, I think all four of you should be thrown out on your rear ends. If there is an inquiry, I'd put money on it that this goes right to the top. There are no party lines...Conservative...Liberal...when there's money to be made, as Richard Fadden, head of CSIS revealed. The loop-holes that need closing in Canada's laws, to enforce accountability, have been there for too long and abused by the Liberals, too. Wasn't it the Liberals who brought in the flawed Whistleblowers Act (PSDPA) that sounds good but in reality  provides no way to enforce accountability?
The only difference between the Liberals and Conservatives right now, is that Harper's government promised to close the loop-holes and end the gravy train with transparency in government affairs, but once elected, the Harper government bellied up to the trough, just as governments before have done.
The greed, deceit, arrogance and indifference of Harper's government is without precedent in this country, because they promised change and have sold out both Canada's security and future wealth, for the money they could make in the moment.
I am reminded of the Marcos regime of the Phillipines: and how many shoes does the lady have?
Premier McGuinty said he doesn't feel he owes the public an apology for the illegal actions of police and politicians during the G8 and G20 summits.
Save your apology, sir, I am offended enough already.
It would appear you four are to be sacrificial lambs on PM Harper's continuing altar of greed.
Honesty, Premier McGuinty, would have impressed me at this point: An apology? Not even close.

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